A Modo Mia

The Italian coffee maker Lavazza have now decided to compete with the likes of Tassimi and Nescafe using their A Modo Mia coffee machines. Although it comes in a compact size, the A Modo Mia packs a lot into it’s 20.5cm wide frame. For example, it has a steam arm to heat milk, a 1 litre water reservoir and a good size pod holder with a drip tray. It also has a nice, two-tone finish displayed in a range of colours, allowing it to blend in well with any modern kitchen.

In the first instance it is useful to look at the functions on this machine. It takes 50 seconds to fill the water tank and get the machine active. To pour your first drink,  place your chosen flavour in the slot at the top of the model and pull down  on a silver lever.

The first cup I poured was a double espresso which took about 35 seconds; this is longer than the preparation of a similar drink on either the Tassimo or Nespresso machines.

Although slower than the above mentioned machines, the quality of the drink was excellent. The espresso had a rich, smooth finish that would bear favorable comparison with more expensive models.

A macchiato and cappuccino were also tested using the steaming component. On cheaper models of espresso makers steam arms can cause problems. However, the A Modo Mia’s steam wand worked well and heated the milk, generating the appropriate whooshing and gurgling noises in the process!! As an offshoot of the steaming process, the steam generated can also create hot water fora cup of tea. One small observation: the steam arm is on the short size, making it difficult for some mugs to be used with the A Modo Mia.

The A Modo Mia is also easy to clean and maintain. For example, once you’ve  finished using the coffee pods they fall automatically into a container and the extra water drained off into a separate tray leaving no mess behind.

The coffee pods that come with the machine can be bought for £3.59 for 16 from major supermarkets such as Tesco or directly from Lavazza at www.lavazzamodomio.co.uk. Thus the cost per cup works out at 22p

So if you are looking for a compact, easy to clean Italian espresso machine that fits well into a modern kitchen, then the A Modo Mia is certainly worth looking at.


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