The C100T espresso maker,manufactured by Nepresso, is a 19 bar single serve espresso machine that uses the Nespresso proprietary coffee capsules to deliver it’s espresso shots.

Although the machine is small in stature, it delivers a powerful punch from within it’s compact, triangular  frame.  This is due in the main to it’s pulsating 19 bar pressure gauge which infuses it’s coffees with potent flavours.

Before I go on to discuss the taste, let’s first of all look at the set up. As with all Nepresso machines getting the equipment up and running is very straight forward:

  •      fill up the water tank, which holds approximately 4.5 cups of water.
  •      activate the on switch to heat the water – a light will come on letting you know the water is hot.
  •      select the required cup size from two buttons – large or small.
  •      lift the chrome lever to open the coffee capsule holder.
  •      ensure you have your cup positioned ready to capture the brew.
  •      insert a coffee capsule and press down on the lever.
  •      the cup will fill based on your volume of choice.

This whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes. As you repeat these actions, you will notice that as you insert another capsule into the machine, the old capsule is automatically dispatched into a bin at the back of the C100T
There has been some feedback in relation to the coffee being lukewarm when placed into the cup. However, if you heat your water correctly at the start of the warming process and then heat your cups prior to them being used, your coffee will remain hot. Please note, the C100T is not supplied with a cup warmer.

This is a very low maintenance machine. Quite apart from the fact it requires very little cleaning because of it’s use of pods, it also requires very little descaling. However, it is recommended that you descale after using 500 pods; in some instances this may take a user up to 6 months.

The machine comes supplied with 12 coffee flavours ranging in diversity from the Ristretto, a chocolate flavored espresso, to the nutty flavored Livanto – my particular tipple of choice is the Italian espresso Roma

The capsules have to be purchased directly from the Nepresso website and work out at approximately $0.52 each. Now this may not seem a high price if you are drinking a small cup of coffee but may stretch some peoples budgets if they want to use 2 capsules for a larger espresso. Once you have used a capsule they may not be used again and can only be purchased directly from Nespresso.

The counter argument to the cost of the capsules, is that although €20 of ground coffee will purchase more cups of espresso for you at a better price, the time spent cleaning and maintaining a machine that has been used for grounding and tamping could be time spent doing something else. As always with coffee capsules you are paying the extra bit more for the convenience they provide you with.

As the C100T is such a compact device, it does not come with a frothing wand. However, in order to create froth for lattes and cappuccinos, take a look at the Aeroccino which can be purchased separately. It works like an electric milk pitcher creating a nice, milky froth for drinks in about 50 seconds.

The C100T is a small, unobtrusive machine that packs a big punch. The coffee connoisseurs out there may feel they’d like to go a little more upmarket, but for beginners and people new to espressos and espresso making with limited budgets, the C100T is a very good starter machine. I would recommend it for homes where space is of a premium or to have as your office espresso maker.


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