Cafe Prestige


The Cafe Presitge espresso maker, also know as the Ariete Cafe Prestige, is a strong, durable, low cost espresso machine. Looks can be deceiving here as it would appear to be more expensive than it’s price tag would suggest.  Contributing to that impression is it’s solid steel outer frame which gives it a coffee shop feel and look.  But there is also, in addition to style, a great amount of substance to the Cafe Prestige. It is a well constructed espresso maker. This can be seen when cleaning the device: on cheaper models it can be quite easy to dislodge machine parts  when polishing specific sections. However as hard as I cleaned on the outer body of this maker, everything component still remained intact.

Again, in terms of spec, the Cafe Prestige also delivers. It has a large, removable water tank with the capacity to take the equivalent of 9 cups of coffee. Likewise, the warming tray on the top of the machine, has the capacity to manage 9 cups of coffee. The one problem though with this tray is it doesn’t keep the drinks warm for long enough.

In the under carriage of this machine there are some impressive features. Firstly, the drip tray is large enough to deal with any overflow of water. Even if this was not to happen the Cafe Prestige provides you with a plan b in the form of an innovative early warning feature that signals a problem with water over capacity: a little pop float rises with the water, thus you can easily and instantly see where the water level is at.

Care though and planning has gone into the  drinks tray on this machine, with there being ample room between the nozzle and drip tray, allowing you the option of pouring your coffee into a larger mug or small coffee pot.

In terms of the range of your drinks you can serve, the Cafe Prestige will allow you to prepare and serve espresso’s, lattes, shots and pure coffee. The portafilter is equally as versatile allowing the brewing of single and double shots in addition to using espresso pods.

Finally, we come to quality of the drinks themselves. The Cafe Presitge has a 15-bar pump-driven system which provides stable  pressure and near perfect brewing consistency.  The drinks are produced with good foam and a great taste.

Relative to it’s price point, the Cafe Presitge represent an excellent buy and comes with one year’s warranty.



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