DeLonghi EC155

DeLonghi EC155 Overview

The DeLonghi EC155 is a machine that is capable of saving you money by allowing you to cut down on your visits to your local coffee house. The  reason for this, is it has the capacity to make hundreds of cups of your  favorite espresso for a quarter of the price you’d pay on the high street .

In terms of the machine’s technical spec, the first thing you’ll notice is the speed at which the DeLonghi EC155 will make you a drink – once you’ve switched the machine on, and  prepped your coffee, you are talking 3 to 5 minute before your drinking your first espresso shot. The key to getting a nice hot cup of espresso from this machine is to ensure you press the steam button first. This will warm the milk to just the right consistency.

But it not just the liquid you need to get right. The way you  tamp your coffee will also have a bearing on the taste of the espresso.  When putting coffee into the machine,  fill the large basket right up to the rim. Tamp your coffee to the  rim level of the basket. Twist the tamp with both hands and when you see the first drip coming out, turn the machine off. Twist the coffee basket again, turn the machine back on and your output should be a well made, tasty coffee.

You’ll know if you’ve got this process right because there will be  a nice, think crema on top of the cup with a caramel colored body underneath. The crema should be about 2mm in height. If there is no crema then you need to put more effort into you tamping.

The tamper that comes with this machine is of OK build, but as you’ll be doing high levels of tamping over time, you’ll probably want to invest in something a bit more solid.

So, those are the inner workings. So what about the hardware of the machine?

Although the machine is small in size, De’Longhi  have included a number of interesting features.

There is a removable water tank that will allow you to consume a good 9 shots of espresso before  you need to refill.

You also get a drip tray with the machine as well as the choice of ground or ESE pods for your coffee. The pods cut out the need to ground and and tamp the coffee.

The filters in this machine are easy to clean – but DO remember to clean them!  Overtime, ground coffee can stick to the filters of espresso  machines, slowing them down. To assist in the cleaning process, ensure you ground the coffee down into a fine, granulated powder.  This way you’ll get a better taste  and there will be less clogging in the machine

One little design quirk you should be aware of is the fact that the frothing wand sits only 3 1/4 inches of the counter top. This may be a problem if you want to heat a large beaker of milk. However, a work around here is to elevate the machine slightly above the counter top. Or, as an alternative,  remove the sliver tray underneath the machine and you will have plenty of room for any cup size.

Something else you may wish to consider if buying this machine is the fact there is no cup warmer. Because of the machine’s competitive price I would not view this as a deal breaker.

So ,in conclusion, the DeLonghi EC155  is a workhorse of a machine that, at the price, is a good product for beginners to learn about espresso machines and espresso making.


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