Delonghi ec702 review

This DeLonghi ec702 review will give you some guidance on the type of espresso machine you  can buy when you have a maximum budget of $250 to play with.

I found, that after  3 months of use, and after drinking more than 150 cups of espresso,  the  Delonghi ec702 was a reliable machine that made an espresso with ‘a deep rich taste.’

It is also a flexible machine, allowing a user  to work with either pods or ground coffee so you get the best of both worlds: excellent espresso and less cleaning up from tamping and grounding.

If you are considering buying this machine, there are also a  number of other points worth noting:
There is a good gap between the base of the filter holder and the floor of the machine, which allows a user to push a large mug under the taps of the machine for filling. This manoeuvre can prove problematic on other machines.

In terms of hygiene, the DeLonghi ec702 is much easier to clean than previous models and the steam nozzle almost never clogs. In addition, the water holder can be easily taken out and washed.
It  will also add quality to any kitchen. It’s shiny bodywork wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket espresso cafe.

Again, it gets full marks for it’s design, and the warming tray on top works really well. I experimented leaving cups on it and when I went back to them 15 minutes later they were still warm.

One thing I did note: the first 4 or 5 cups of espresso tasted slightly sour, but that’s the same with many new  machines when you pour the first drinks.  However, once the filters started working the drinks tasted great!

One small gripe: the steaming wand could have produced more froth. The problem is, it is made of plastic and designed for people who have a limited knowledge of milk frothing. Thus, what it produces is steamed milk that is a little on the bubbly side.

So, overall, in this   Delonghi ec702 review ,I find in favour of this machine based on the reliability of it performance, it’s look and budget price.



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