ECO310BK review

The ECO310BK review

This ECO310BK review will highlight some of the key features of this espresso machine and how well they work together to produce an espresso. The ECO310BK (from De’Longi) is a small machine that takes up very little space in the kitchen. In addition,  although parts of it look a little flimsy, it has a nice professional finish that makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

To extract the maximum value from the ECO310BK you will need to use a good quality,  ground coffee. The reason for this is the 15 bars of pressure that the ECO310BK  produces would push the water too rapidly though the machine , preventing large chunks of  the cheaper, coarser coffee from soaking up the flavours. (Please note that Lavazza or Illy coffee works particularly well with this model.)

A common gripe with a number of the De’Longi machines is the fact that they can take a considerable amount of time to heat up. However, this is not problem with the ECO310BK as it has a 15 bar pump heating the water. In addition, there are other steps you can take to guarantee piping hot espresso with this model:

First,  run water through the machine at least 9 times to get the machine really hot. Once this is done and the machine is nicely warm,  open the steam valve and  let the water drip out. Once dry steam is released you may then shut the valve off. You’ll only  have to do this once.

Secondly, after you’ve heated your machine 9 times, fill the water tank again and press the on switch and tamp your coffee  grinds. Insert the basket into the portafilter and your ready to pull your first shot.Whilst you are doing this, heat the filters and the cups with water prior to brewing your  espresso.

Two items that you may need to replace  with this machine over time  are the tamper and the frothing wand. The build on both could be improved . The frother, in particular, would be easier to use front to back  rather than having to manoeuver it in a sideways direction in order for it to line up with your cup.

The water tank is a good size and is easy to access when it needs to be refilled. It heats up the drinks quickly (your talking about a minute-and-a-half before your first drink is ready). It is also an easy machine to clean.

In terms of a design improvement, there could be a little more room between the the nozzle and the cup holder: I would estimate there to be only 3.5 inches currently which allows only enough space to insert small cups  for refills.

So, in conclusion, this ECO310BK review will hopefully give you  an indication of what this machine can do. For the  price tag of $150 – $200 dollars this is a good machine to hone your  espresso making skills before you move on to larger models. In the final analysis the output of the ECO310BK cannot be faulted: it produces tasty coffee with a nice crema.


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