The Mypressi hand held espresso maker, is one of the most innovative coffee makers on the market today. The Mypressi allows you to create double espresso shots by using either fresh ground coffee or coffee pods. You create your espresso by pouring water into the Mypressi’s main bowl and then twist the levers to extract the liquid for your espresso . Many people find the taste in the shots generated by the Mypressi superior to what they drink in a cafe.

In order to understand the process of making espressos with the Mypressi you will need to follow these instructions:

Complete the following procedure twice: preheat the water bowl by completely filling it to the top with boiling water then loosely place the cap on it for about 45 seconds.

Once you have done this twice, pour fresh boiling water into to the bowl , then tighten the top.

Next , ensure you use coffee beans that were recently roasted for the maximum flavor. You will need to have some understanding of espresso in order to make the best possible use of this machine.

Make sure you get a good grinder to help you get the best flavor out of your coffee beans. A decent coffee grinder will cost you somewhere in the region of $150 to $200. However there are cheaper models out there for under a $100. Your investment in a good coffee grinder to be used  in conjunction with this machine, will make your drink taste even better.

In terms of storage and maintenance, this maker takes up very little space  compared to a full size espresso machine , in addition to it  being easy to maintain and clean . For example,  many users place it on a kitchen counter when in use then, when fished, pop it inside a kitchen cupboard . Your not only restricted to making espressos with it either: Mypressi also makes excellent lattes!

Not content with being a great product, it has also won awards from the coffee industry. It was voted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) as the best new consumer product of 2010.

So ,in conclusion, if you want an easy to use, compact espresso maker that makes great tasting espressos, then you should give the Mypressi a go!


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