Nespresso C101

Nespresso C101 Introduction

The Nespresso C101 is an easy to use espresso maker that utilises Nespresso coffee pods to deliver it’s coffee.  Although the machine is only 6 pounds in weight it comes with a 30oz capacity, removable water tank that will provide enough capacity for up to 12 cups of coffee. The pods that come supplied with the Nespresso C101 are relatively easy to use but do work out a little more expensive than ground coffee – by my estimations you’ll be paying 55 – 70 cents per shot with Nespresso pods.

Nespresso C101

Whether  or not you enjoy the taste of these pods will boil down to your personal preferences. In my opinion, I feel there is little to choose in terms of  quality between pods and ground coffee. However,  I  do prefer the taste of  ground coffee. But what you gain in taste you lose in  convenience as fresh coffee leaves a lot more mess behind because of the tamping and grinding.

The Nespresso C101 comes pre-supplied with a wide range of flavours. It’s hard to critisise what Nespresso have included.For example, you get decaf, regular and different roasts with beans color coded on the side of the capsule. However, you are restricted to using these  flavours as the pods do not give you the option of experimenting with other coffees blends.

Activating these pods in this machine could not be easier:

There is a shaft in the upper portion of the machine which is opened by raising a chrome handle.

Once this is exposed you need to insert one of the aluminum coffee pods into the hatch and press down on the pod button. The high pressure pump then goes to work,  extracting  the rich coffee flavours by perforating the sides of the pod using a procedure similar to piercing the outer casing of the pod with needles.

This whole process takes approximately 30 seconds with the end result being a cup filled with coffee that has a lovely crema on top lovely crema on top.
Once this process is complete, the used pod is dispatched into a section under the machine. Job done!

An interesting feature of this espresso maker is the way the machine has been designed, with  2 buttons controlling the size of the drink you request. Neither of these buttons allow for a really large cup of coffee. This comes with the advantage of not depleting your reserves of water too quickly; but the downside of not letting  you drink a large cup of espresso in one sitting. A workaround for this is to use 2 capsules if you require a large shot .

Two small problems  with the Nespresso C101: sometimes the capsules do not fit easily into the machine. This has only happened on a couple of occasions and may have something to do with the capsules being faulty.

Finally,  the frother takes a little longer than other machines to heat up the milk

So in conclusion, the Nespresso C101 is an extremely versatile machine that can be used in either the home or the office. It would work well as your main machine or it could be deployed as a back up espresso maker.


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