Nespresso D300

Nespresso D300

The key determinant of whether you are going to like the Nespresso D300 or not will depend very much on your attitude to coffee capsule technology. Because the Nepresso  D300 is part of the Nepresso family of espresso machines you, as the consumer, must use the coffee capsules that are designed to be used solely with this machine.

Before I get into the advantages and disadvantages of this let me describe a little about the functionality of Nepresso D300. This machine comes with comprehensive pre-programmed technology. So, if your the sort of person who just likes to set your machine up once and let it get on with making you the espresso in the way you want it,  then the Nepresso D300 is for you.  For example, there are pre-programmed buttons that allow you to determine the strength of your espresso shot. Additional programming functionality includes adjusting the language of the digital display and warning buttons indicating water hardness allowing you to control scaling in the machine. In fact the programming detail on this machine is so precise it will even let you set the amount of coffee you have in your cup.

The Nepresso D300 also come with a 19 bars high pressure pump  which maximises all the flavours from the capsule and produces an end result of a lovely smooth crema in the cup.

One minor quibble I’d have with the build is the fact the water tank is on the small side. But on the upside ,because of this, the machine takes up very little space on the work top.

Getting back to the capsules: there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using these. In terms of advantages, there is very little mess with capsules. All you have to do is place a capsule into it’s holder and connect a capsule ring which creates a hole in the capsule allowing the coffee to seep into the machine. This process is very user friendly and once you’ve completed this task the first time, it is very easy to do it again. Capsules also remove the  need to use grinders and tampers, so there is a cost saving there. The other thing to bear in mind is the capsules can stay fresh for a long period of time. However, there can be no experimenting with this machine in terms of ground coffee; you will have to use Nespresso capsules.

The flavour generated by the capsules is delicious! There are huge variety of capsule flavours available.  For example, there are Arabic and decaf flavours, in addition to Latin American and African blends. The Italian brand is called Roma and it has lovely crema taste thank,s in the main, to the Nepresso D300’s powerful steamer.

One disadvantage of capsules is there cost. They work out at $0.45 cent a shot. But remember, the trade off  with capsules is their convenience and the fact they make no mess.

So if your looking for convenience and minimal fuss, the Nepresso D300 will be perfect for your needs.




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