Should you purchase a Coffee maker or an Espresso Maker?

So, should you purchase a Coffee maker or an Espresso Maker ? Let me put this scenario to you: you’ve upwards of $200.00 dollars to spend and you like the taste of coffee but you may, from time to time, prefer drinking a  specialty coffee. This presents you with a straight choice between purchasing either a  coffee maker or an espresso maker. Both these machines have their advantages and disadvantages.

Coffee makers have made great technical advances in recent years. A user used to be able to brew no more than 3 cups in any one sitting, but now it is possible to brew up to 12 cups of coffee from one tank. In addition, the manual knobs that were there previously used to control the functionality of the coffee machine, have been replaced by digital control panels. These panels provide the user with greater precision over how the coffee is brewed.

Espresso makers, on the other hand, offer even more choice and a larger range of drinks. For example, you can make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos with espresso machines as well as adding different flavours to the drink.

In terms of the cost per cup, espresso machines offer greater savings over the traditional coffee houses. A cup of coffee from an espresso machine can work out as little as €0.50 cent  a cup in comparison to the the $5.00 a cup you could be paying to high street coffee chains.  Espresso machines also offer you greater potential in developing your coffee making skills. This is achieved by allowing you to use such add-on devices as frothers, chambers and portfilters. Used correctly these products will add an extra dimension to what you are drinking.

However, coffee makers have their advantages too. They are relatively easy to use with the focus on their main task of producing coffee. The operation of a coffee maker is generally more straightforward than an espresso maker, as the espresso maker requires greater inputs from the user. Coffee machines are also better suited to homes where living spaces are smaller.

So, if you have a larger budget, ample space and like to drink a range of specialty coffee flavors, then the espresso maker will be for you. If not, then the coffee maker is an ideal choice for making your coffee.


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